Is this kind of wireless networking possible?

By Randomity
Oct 2, 2010
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  1. Good Morning,

    Ok... I live in a building split into flats, (3 floors), the guy on the bottom floor and I share the internet cost, (wireless), but the router is downstairs in his flat.. I can pick it up fine in my back room and bedroom but not in the front room, (where my P.S 3 and P.C live)... With a network cable, (attached to my my laptop in the back room), I can share the internet with the front room but don't like the masses of wire trailing through my place..

    I have a wireless router and am wondering if I can somehow use it to take the connection from my laptop and send it, wireless, to the front room - My P.C and PS3.. A bit long winded but I hope you understand what I mean and would greatly appreciate any help you could offer... Thank you...
  2. Umpalumpa

    Umpalumpa TS Rookie

    There are routers that can be more or less powerful. You can get a linsys N router...those are powerful.
    If you are on a budged Netgear routers are great. Buy a new router to your friend and ask him to replace his router with your new one.

    If he doesnt want to be involved in this at all, buy yourself a Wireless Repeater from Linksys (about $60), and you can repeat his signal throught your house.

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