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Dec 5, 2007
  1. im getting a weird readings using both the bios and other third party software programs they all say v12.675 to 12.608, i just baught this psu a few months back, i also tried this psu with 2 motherboards and 2 different kits of ram, and 4 different video cards the votages still stays the same, every few days i get a bsod of death, is this normal, its a ocz stealth stream 600watt +12v 18amps x4, this is my second rig
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    The highest I've seen a 12v rail is 13.08 volts. I think as long as it doesn't sink below 12v you should be O.K. Did you do all the component changing because of a continuing BSOD problem?
  3. Daveskater

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    That could be normal changei nhte voltages, as it's less than 0.1V

    You should not get a BSOD (the D stands for death, btw ;)) from a power supply problem, go to C:\WINDOWS\Minidump and put your 5 most recent into a zip file then attach it to a new reply in this thread
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    like i said it doesnt matter when computer i hook up this psu too it still shows the same, ok thanks ill try that and let u know
  5. 2crazy2furious

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    ok these are the differents parts ive tried, asus 6200 128 agp card, evga 7800gs oc agp 256mb, sapphire x1950pro 512mb agp, x1600pro 256mb pci-e, asus a8n-e, 2gb kit of patriot pc3200, 1 gb kit of pc3200 ocz premier, apacer 512mb pc3200, lol i know your think why so many different parts well i had this psu in my first comp for a little bit, untill i ugraded,all the parts i listed above i get the same 12.675 to 12.608 with random shut downs
  6. Daveskater

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    The voltage differences and shutdowns are possibly not related if it is giving you a BSOD. Please attach your dumps to a new reply.

    It is normal for voltages to change slightly whilst the pc is on, if I sit and watch my BIOS, the voltages on my PSU change all the time, not always very much but they do change.
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