Is Windows 7 built in backup utility sufficient?

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Dec 17, 2013
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  1. I have Windows 7 and am wondering how good it is? I've never used it before. I actually don't have a Windows installation disk and I'm worried that if I'm unable to boot the computer that I would be able to recover from the backups made by the built in utility, for example Microsoft says "If you can't access Control Panel, you can restore your computer using a Windows installation disc or a system repair disc (if you have one). " can the built in utility make a repair disc?

    Would I be better of buying a backup program like Acronis true image?
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    Your're right to feel you ought to have a full drive image, not merely a backup or a re-install process. If all you have is a restore disk, what is actually backed up and recoverable of your private data and installed applications and all their settings?

    The built-in Win 7 backup utility does have the capability of making a drive image, but it has a number of fairly severe restrictions clearly discussed here specially note post#11 and post#20

    The applications mentioned by CliffordCooley are all, as far as I know without actual checking, for cloning a drive, which is not the real requirement here, as I see you wanting to be able to restore your running system from an image - and may I advise you, one stored on removeable media somewhere, and taken about once per month (just before MS patch Tuesday is ideal).

    Please try to imagine what happens if one morning you find all your personal documents have been encrypted and you see a message asking for payment of $300 or equivalent to decrypt them (a common recent occurrence worldwide - CryptoLocker malware). Only a compressed offline image will save you from that.
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