Issue with Windows 360 wireless controller

By mm290049
Feb 14, 2011
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  1. my newly purchased windows 360 wireless controller is not working when I load my game(cod4). having read most threads on this device I have not found a definitive anwser to my problem.The controller checks out on the test for all axises and buttons on properties.I have installed the recommended driver for my operating system from micosoft in place of the one supplied on the product disk. It also shows up on human interfaces and game controllers as working properly in device manager and all drivers correct. It is also listed as default controller for games in wireless devices under "joycpl".I would apreciate any any clues as to the missing link here.
  2. boybrushdred

    boybrushdred TS Member Posts: 26

    try it on other games. COD4 doesnt support controllers.

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