Drivers It worked before! HDD change leads to driver issue

My problem: Have a laptop that worked great for many years. Hard drive crashed and I had to replace it. I reloaded operating system and drivers for touchpad, and audio. Also found driver for my ATI mobility radeon 9600 pro and installed Catylist installer but and stuck in VGA mode. In control panel, there is no "display adapter" spot and vga is under "unknown devices" with yellow exclaimation mark.

What I've tried: windows update, listing "hidden" items in device manager, disabling vga driver first, checking ATI, Asus, American Megatrends webs sites for help. I've downloaded Catylist and latest drivers, it installs fine, but still will not fire up. As I said, it woked for years, all I did was change hard drive.

Specs: Windows XP sp3, 2gb ram, 250gb HD, directx 9.0, ATI mobility radeon 9600 pro 2d/3d graphics accelerator, American Megatrends / ASUS.