iTunes is killing me

By beerabuser30
Feb 10, 2010
  1. I did a complete fresh install of Windows 7. Everything is working fine. I install itunes 9 and try to add music and it didn't work it always froze, sometimes at the adding, sometimes during gapless playback and sometimes during album artwork. Never at the same spot though. I unistalled all 6 components and reinstalled and tried just adding the songs about ten at a time. Still didn't work. This is Itunes 9 so I reinstalled everything again and tried itunes 8. It still hangs at random spots, right now processing album artwork. I know it can take a second but I have let it sit up to a half hour on a single hang. Just out of habit when I have problems I do an antivirus scan, adaware scan, run cc cleaner and make sure I have all the latest updates for Windows. I am approaching about 15 hours on this project and I am just lost. Any suggestions?
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