iTunes more expensive in UK than on continent

By Phantasm66
Sep 15, 2004
  1. The Consumers' Association (CA) is pointing the finger at Apple for unfair pricing due to the fact that iTunes prices in the UK are more expensive than those on the continent. The Office of Fair Trade has been asked to launch an investigation into the affair.

    According to EU regulations, UK citizens are supposed to get the same market place benefits as citizens in other EU countries. A discrepancy in iTunes pricing is just the thing to get investigated and sorted out. And quite right.

    "Consumers' Association has submitted a letter of complaint to the OFT urging them to investigate what appears to be anti-competitive and discriminatory behaviour by iTunes against UK consumers." - Consumers' Association

    Apple's current defence is that the economic models in each EU country has an impact on pricing of iTunes downloads. Sure, but EU regulations say that that doesn't matter. And apart from that, Apple had pretty much nothing else to say.
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