I've built a brand new computer, now how do I set it up?

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Mar 23, 2011
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  1. Hi. I have a brand new computer, and by brand new... I mean I built it myself. Blank hard drive, new motherboard - the works.

    This is my first build, and I do have a lack of knowledge. Now when I boot, it comes up asking for a boot disk? I discovered this is a system repair disc/recovery. When I try any other disc, and click any key (as it says) nothing happens. Though when I insert this repair disc, it does boot.

    I understand a boot disc is a miniature OS.

    When I boot it asks to select a keyboard input method. UK. Then it asks "Restore your computer using a system image that you created earlier" and "use recovery tools that can help fix problems starting windows. select an operating system to repair."

    I have neither an operating system, or a system image.

    So I cancel all that - then I come up with Choose a recovery tool which has things like CMD, System repair, system restore, CMD etc.

    I also have a disc I did reformat my other computers many times before. It's Windows 7 RTM. When I put that in, the computer asks for a boot disk still.

    What in earth do I do? I'd like to install Windows 7.
  2. Leeky

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    If you'd like to install Windows 7 you need to own a license, and CD to do that. The media your currently using is incorrect - You want to perform a clean installation, using a Microsoft Windows 7 install disc.

    Where has this recovery disc come from?
    Do you have a genuine Windows disc with the product key?

    It sounds like BIOS might need some configuration as well. You want to set the boot order to the following:

    1. DVD media disc
    2. Hard disk (primary if more than one)

    This will guarantee it will look for a CD in the media drive before trying to load from the first listed hard disk.

    I highly doubt Windows 7 RTM will still be able to be activated, and in effect is no longer supported.

    I kind of get the feeling where this conversation might go but just so we are clear - Any discussion of illegal software (If you just download Windows its illegal), or discussions about how to "bypass" activation will result in this thread being deleted.
  3. JTallis

    JTallis TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I created the recovery disc from my current working laptop. The windows 7 installation disc, is not activated - and I don't plan on activating it. It was just a temporary measure whilst I sort out what I need.

    When I put the installation disc into my laptop, or my mums desktop - when the computer boots, it'll load from it. It fails to do that on here. My mum had this killer virus, and I tried everything so the last resort was to reformat, I believe the windows 7 installation - is legit up to 30 days. After the 30 days, you must activate or it becomes illegit. I don't plan on illegally activating.

    I have previously set the boot order so it reads the DVD drive first.
  4. Leeky

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    I appreciate it comes with 30 days to activate (its much less now I think), but the mear fact you have no intention of activating the operating system suggests to me you plan on illegally transending the activation technologies. Whether the OS is perfectly legal, or a downloaded copy, bypassing the activation makes it illegal - the activation is there to provide proof the OS is a legal, licensed version.

    What manufacturer is the laptop?
    What license of Windows do you have?
    Do you have the product key?

    If its OEM supplied when you purchased the laptop (e.g. you didn't upgrade it by buying a retail version) you usually cannot transfer it from one computer to another. In order to install Windows 7 on the newly built computer you will require a new product key - basically a new OEM or retail version of Windows 7.
  5. JTallis

    JTallis TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No when I mean I don't plan on illegally activating, I mean I plan on buying a retail copy.

    I discovered something though, the installation isn't a image file, it's the extracted contents. I've read that putting it back into an iso won't make it any better. As the computer doesn't know to autoboot just any file. So an iso would make autoboot I believe?

    I'm going to see if I can go out later and buy a retail copy.
  6. Leeky

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    I'm going to end this thread here then, due to the comments already made.

    If you have any problems once you have the genuine versions please start a new thread. :)

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