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Javascript problems

By Johnbone89
Dec 26, 2008
  1. Okay im having big, big problems again. I was trying to clean some space on my computer when i think i accidently deleted some important componants because now i can't use windows media player or sometimes when im on windows exployer i can not see some images or text and most crapy of all when i try system restore it just shows a blank screen. NOthing!!!!!! The icon when i load system restore is just a blue box with white in the middle instead of the regular icon which leads me to believe it is Java problem. I did delete (accidentlley) Shockplayer, and older versions of Java but then reinstaled them later. I thought it might be a security issue since i had been using a free trial (experied) version of McAfee so i deleted that and tried to load it again via free download but it said "can't load McAfee because Javascript is not working properly on this pc. And the only reason i was able to do anything online is beacuse i was using Firefox. Qiuke time works fine, so does itunes, and firefox, but almost all the windows applications don't work. WHat can we do?
    ps i tried following Microsoft.com support, booted in safe mode with promt entered system restore promt, and still same screen in safe mode, everything would be fine if i could just restore my pc to later day.
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,315   +788

    If you can get into Safe Mode ok, then try
    command prompt (ie run->cmd) and enter
    which is the Restore program, it will prompt with Create vs Restore and you can pick
    a Restore point from last week :)
  3. Johnbone89

    Johnbone89 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Thanks for your post. I used ie7 fix to solve this problem. Then i uninstalled all Java updates and Explorer and Service pack 3. Then i reinstalled Service Pack 3 first, then Explorer 7. This allows you to then uninstall Explorer whenever you want otherwise the Change/Remove option will not be there under the add and remove programs. Then updated my Java via Java.com.Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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