Build a PC Jeantech JNP - 350P replacement


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Hi Guys

I need to replace the above PSU on a computer I am working on. Its standard ATX - so plenty to choose from - only problem is the mainboard is a good distance away from the PSU - so the cables need to be long .....any ideas of an ATX PSU with long cables ?
Corsair's lower end PSUs are a solid choice in my experience. I've used the Corsair CX400 a couple of times in builds and I can highly recommend it.


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The CX400 is, unfortunately, not sold anymore, and the CX430 that replaces it is sub-par in terms of quality, compared to its predecessor. I'd recommend Antec's Earthwatts line instead. Seasonic, OCZ and SilverStone also have good-quality products at the lower end of the price spectrum.