Jim from AdoredTV is excited about RDNA3 and this is significant because...

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Jim from AdoredTV is, in my opinion, the best investigative TechTuber out there.
He's anti-Intel and anti-nVidia for exactly the same reasons that I am (ethics matter) and he doesn't hide this fact:
In 2017, he predicted that Zen would allow AMD to outsell Intel while the rest of the tech press was attacking it. He was right, they were wrong:
Despite his bias, he has always been a straight-shooter. Even when he didn't like the truth, he never let his bias get in the way. I've had long DM conversations with him on Twitter about ATi and nVidia. Like me, refuses to buy nVidia products, but he always said that nVidia had the upper hand because they doing better R&D than AMD so they had better products:
Well, he released a video yesterday and it seems that things have changed. For once, he's actually excited about what ATi is about to release and that's a pretty significant development because I've learnt over the years that his word is 100% trustworthy: