Judge rules Twitter "cyberstalker" not stalker after all


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A federal judge ruled today that William Cassidy, a man who has tweeted nearly 8,000 times about female Buddhist leader Alyce Zeoli, is protected under constitutional free speech.

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Watch this get spun as justification for the government to have an "off" switch for the whole net or the entertainment industry to be able to kill a site at whim, without due process. (Both laws that congress wanted to pass this year.) Meanwhile the Corporate Supremes rule election-buying by corporations is free speech. For such a simple statement guaranteeing a right to the people, it sure has been mangled.


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dms96960 said:
I wonder if Federal Judge Roger Titus will change his mind when about 10,000 people start tweeting the same type of message about him.
That would be a very good test of whether or not the ruling should hold or not. :)


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since when were death threats covered by free speech? that's a jail sentence where I live. free speech lets you have opinions on things, it doesn't let you threaten another human being.


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I don't belong to ANY social website,but it is my understanding that if you don't like what someone says in them,ignore them.


There weren't any death threats on it, just distasteful messages. No-one was forcing Zeoli to read any of this, and many other public figures have their share of hate sites dedicated to them. This is definitely protected by free speech.