Just added processor to board, computer shuts down

By suiathon
Jul 8, 2009
  1. After cleaning my computer free of dust, I reinstalled all the necessary parts to get the computer working again. When I was to put the processor back, I found that:

    1) the pins were a little bit bent but I think they bent back in place when i put it back
    2) In order to put back on motherboard, i had to remove the processor from the fan and that means the thermal paste was somewhat removed.

    So the biggest question I have is: Is re-adding thermal paste necessary? and is this why its been shutting down?
  2. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,333   +101

    Yep, it in most cases it is necessary. The paste enhances thermal conductivity by closing any superficial gaps between the heatsink and CPU heatspreader. Odds are your CPU is overheating pretty quickly without it. Sometimes, if the application is fresh, it's no biggie, but the old crusty crap (I assume yours was) basically loses the majority if its effectiveness.

    Clean the surface of your heatsink and your CPU (use a cotton swab and some high percentage rubbing alcohol, or buy some commercial stuff like this). There are a bunch of “tried and true” methods of applying the compound. Some spread it, some don’t – doesn’t really matter. Toss a rice-to-pea sized dot of compound on the center of your CPU (which should be seated in your motherboard) and attach the heatsink. The pressure should mostly spread it for you.

    Granted, having the pins bent (and bent back) could have definitely caused irreversible damage, but, assuming they weren’t mangled or anything, it should be okay.
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