Just bought a used computer, what is installed in my PCI slots?

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Oct 14, 2009
  1. Hi, recently bought my first computer (used), I have question about what is installed in my pci slots.

    I have 3 pci-slots (1 open) on the two that have a card installed, I don't know what those cards are or what they do, although I think one of them is a "lan" controller or something like that.

    I use internet via wireless adapter.

    I would like to free up those pci-slots, but first I need to know what is in the pci slots and if I need them or not.

    Is there a way for the computer to tell me the exact hardware that is installed in my pci slots ?

    I tried "system information" via accessories but that didn't tell me.

    After I find out what's installed, I need to know what it does and if I should keep it installed, thanks!
  2. Route44

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    Without being able to see it with our own eyes the best we can do is take a guess.

    PCI slots can hold many different types of cards including video, ethernet, wireless, and firewire to name a few.

    I suggest downloading a nifty little too called SIW (System Information for Windows). It is free and quite safe. Check it out and you should be able to find out all kinds of information about your system.
  3. Somebody

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    Well you could just put some pictures from rear and inside of your pc. It's really only a guess what do you have there. Maybe sound card
  4. ThorMMVI

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    A handy little software utility program that I've found that tells all is Belarc Advisor. It can be found at (www) belarc.com and click the Free Download. It tells just about everything about your PC.
  5. LookinAround

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  6. ThorMMVI

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    SIW seems to be all inclusive unlike Belarc. I think that a novice might get lost within all of the entries.
  7. pyromaster114

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    Either use a tool like System Info for Windows or go look up the stuff in the device manager and start looking up DEV and VEN ID's at a site like http://pcidatabase.com .
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