Just built computer won't turn on

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Dec 31, 2011
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  1. I recently built my computer and plugged in everything. I turned on the PSU switch and then the case switch and nothing happens but one of the fans moves slightly. I have done the paper clip method to test the PSU and it works. Also I have unplugged and plugged everything back in. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Computer Specs
    I5 2500k
    Cooler Master Haf 212 evo
    Gigabyte z68x-ud4-b3
    Corsair Enthusiast 850w semi modular
    Xfx 6950 2gb
    8gb(2x4) corsair vengeance
    Western digital blue 250gb
  2. Mwise617

    Mwise617 TS Rookie

    This might sound dumb but I would first check the outlet you are using. Then make sure your Motherboard is plugged into to the power supply and receiving power. Another suggestion I have which I saw on another site is possibly hard drive failure a fellow claimed he had the same issue no power what so ever then he changed the power supply and it worked. Also check fuse on power lead.
  3. Lokalaskurar

    Lokalaskurar TS Enthusiast Posts: 544

    Question time:
    1. Are all the components new? (Presumably, but you never know...)
    2. Does any LED's light up when you press the I/O?
    3. Have you checked if the power button is OK?

    On most motherboards, you can simply short-circuit the power I/O instead of hitting the switch. This is not recommended as one might short circuit some of the other I/O pins, although it's a sure way to check if the button is OK.

    Just a suggestion, try to start the system with only the graphics card unplugged, as this one is a huge power consumer; something may also be wrong with the PSU causing it not to deliver enough amperage on each rail, which has in fact happened to me with this exact PSU-model.

    This is also not a bad idea. Note however: checking the power lead fuse will void your PSU-warranty.
  4. ReConnected

    ReConnected TS Rookie


    If not, I think you might be missing a vital component. if the motherboard has either a 4 pin or a 8 pin power connector (usually to the left of the processor slot) then make sure you have the correct psu cables plugged in. If your psu does not have the connector then you can buy a simple converted from "amazon" or "ebay" etc at a low cost.

    When I built a pc recently I forgot about the connector until the last minute.

    The connector is usually white and is quite similar to pci plugs and the main board plug socket plug.

    if this doesnt help

    Reply to me :)
  5. ReConnected

    ReConnected TS Rookie

    Power Leads

    Hey, I posted this once, but I'm not sure that it sent.

    There may be a 4 pin or an 8 pin power socket to the left of the processor socket. If there is, check that you have the connector plugged in or even there. The Psu should supply one but if not you can order one online, cheaply, I forgot to order one of these in my previous builds. (It looks like a pci plug)

    can go by the name of "molex to 8pin converter" or "molex to 4pin converter" depending on which you need


  6. Buckshot420

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    This is my guess as well. Also, try taking the GPU out and see if it (computer) powers up.
  7. ReConnected

    ReConnected TS Rookie


    yeah remember to switch the vga/dvi or hdmi cable to the motherboard. else that is the next problem xD

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