Keyboard / Mouse Keyboard and mouse not responding after bootup


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Its been a while since I last posted here boy has this site changed, I generally know how to fix my pc problems when they arise and if I dont google has been my friend, but I have ran into something that has me banging my head on the desk.

My pc that I built just over a year ago or so has been running smoothly until today. I woke up from a nap and booted up my pc and neither my mouse or my keyboard would respond.

My microphone is also plugged in via USB, the light on that is on, as with my caps lock key on my keyboard, but my mouse light will not turn on after I tried unplugging and replugging it.

Please note: I am unable to enter bios since I cannot get my keyboard working, I also am not able to run in safe mode because that also requires keystrokes. Keyboard and mouse are in good working order as I am using them now on my secondary PC (one that got replaced) to type out this thread.

I took these steps:

1) unplugging the USB connections and re-plugging them back in - no results - restarted pc - no results
2) unplugging the USB connections and re-plugging them back in in different locations - no results - restarted pc - no results
3) unplugging USB mouse and used the USB to PS2 adapter to plug it back in via PS2 - no results - restarted pc - no results

So now that I am unable to get into bios or safe mode, what are my options? I was thinking of just trying to re-install windows, but only as a last resort.

Thanks in advance.

I dont think my current system specs are needed to help fix this issue, but I will include them just in case to save you guys time.

Processor: Intel core i7 3820
Motherboard: ASRock Extreme6 X79
Cooling: NZXT Kraken X60
Memory: Geil Enhance Corsa DDR3 1600+ 16GB
Video Card(s): EVGA SuperClocked GTX Titan
Hard Disk(s): OCZ Vertex4 128GB SSD / Toshiba 7200 2TB HDD
Optical Drive: ASUS External BR Burner
Power Supply: CoolerMaster Silent Pro Hybrid 1300w
Software: Win7 64
Keyboard: CoolerMaster Storm Mechanical
Mouse: ROCCAT Kone Pure


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Nvm for now, it seems to be working now, but not with my mechanical keyboard, I reverted back to an older usb 2.0 keyboard and now it and my mouse both work fine.

though, my mechanical keyboard does work fine on my old pc.

so still a lil confused on that.


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You can look into your bios for a setting enable/disable usb mouse/keyboard.
That might do something, or might not.