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Mar 15, 2009
  1. Hi!!!
    I am at a terrible fix out here. I have a HP 520 model laptop powered by intel celeron processor. Recently my keyboard (model - Standard 101/102-key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 keyboard) has become unresponsive and is not working properly. Upon investigating i found that my windows cannot load the device driver because its corrupted an its showing some "CODE-39".please help me with this.there is no driver available for this on internet so please tell me what should i do?
  2. Ididmyc600

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    you can boot with a USB keyboard plugged in and use your Windows install disk to do a repair.
  3. nava

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    hey thanx!!!! formatting my machine completely would be any help?????
  4. LookinAround

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    Not quite sure what you meant by your question...

    By "formatting" your machine, do you mean reformatting your hard-drive and reinstalling Windows? As yes, that would reset everything back to the day you bought it.. but also means losing all your data files, etc. so be sure to backup your stuff first in that case.

    Or you asking about something else? And what type of connection does your keyboard have when the problem occurs?
    => Is it wireless?
    => USB connection?
    => Other?
    You can also supply some more info by
    • Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32
    • Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
    • Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
    • If yes, click on it, then Edit->Select All, Edit->Copy Paste into next post
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    im sure he said his keyboard doesnt work, i did answer his question but i think my post got deleted or failed to post.
  6. kimsland

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    There is no removed post in this thread
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  7. nava

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    hey got the answer.....thnx a million......
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