Keyboard Issue

By greener86
Jun 9, 2008
  1. Hi

    i have a dell latitude laptop and im having an issue with the keyboard. When i first turn on the laptop the keyboard works perfectly but after a minute or two the keys starting acting funny. When in a program like internet explorer pressing keys brings up different menu's eg pressing f opens the file tab and pressing h opens the history tab.
    As i said when i first turn on the laptop it types and works perfectly. I have also tried plugging in a usb keyboard to the laptop but the same problem occurs.
    Any idea's or suggestions greatly appreciated!!!

  2. Dognapper0

    Dognapper0 TS Rookie


    All of these things will happen if you accidently press control. Try to press Alt + Delete just to check if it is the control buttons. If the CAD menu comes up, then the control button(s) may need to be fixed or replaced.Check both keys for faulty attachment, as this hapens with dell keyboards, at least the ones at my school. You may need to actually replace the keyboard because of this proble. It may be wireing that is bare or just a bad contact in the button.

    As for the second keyboard, if I am correct, if you press buttons on either keyboard, your computer should respond to both keyboards. So it could still be the onboard keyboard that is bad.
  3. greener86

    greener86 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hi Dognapper0, thanks for the reply...when i press the alt + delete buttons the keyboard returns to normal functionality again for a short time so it does appear to be the problem u suggested.
    thanks for the help, guess ill have to replace the keyboard, cant find any problems with the existing one.

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