Keyboard / Mouse Keyboard multiple characters with 1 keystroke

i have an asus g50v vista 64 bit About 15 of the keys produce multiple characters for ex, 'a' produces sda and spacebar produces z0 etc, Device Manager is showing 4 entries under keyboard; 1. keyboard device filter ehome mcir109 keyboard 3.MS ehome mcir keyboard and 4.MS ehome remote control keyboard keys Any help appreciated Thanx Larry

Remove all the keyboard entries in the device manager and reboot, letting Windows reinstall the keyboard driver...[advice from forum]

i posted the above problem a year ago and removed keyboard entries in device manager,as advised worked nicely,,,,exact same problem happening again but removing devices and reboot is doing nothing this time......also my system restore willnot restore..... please help thanx Larry
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I finally got this thing working.:D I went back and tried several different restore points....after each restore I got the same message: Restore unsuccessful...there was an error, etc........I got this same message on my last restore, but, mysteriously, the keyboard was back to normal. Thanx for the advice on trying another keyboard...I thought of that but i don't have an extra one.