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Keyboard removal acer aspire 8920g

By wharghasm
Mar 22, 2009
  1. I have an Acer Aspire 8920G on wich I managed to spill beer right into the keyboard, some keys arent working after that, might be a minor cleaning job or a replacement of Keyboard, either way I really need to know how 2 properly dissasemble/remove keyboard without causing any damage
  2. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,270   +103

    It shouldn't be too difficult with a bit of inspection/patience. Remove your battery and inspect the screws on the bottom of your laptop. Most usually have icons next to the screws showing what it's function is. You'll want to remove anything associated with the plastic panel right above the keyboard/below the LCD as well as the keyboard.

    Remove the panel very carefully, but forcefully (even if there are no screws attached, it'll require some force to pull off). Don't just yank at it mindlessly, either because if you have any buttons on that panel, there is almost guaranteed to be a small board with a wire attached to the logic board or something.

    After the panel is removed you should just be able to lift/slide the keyboard out (if you've already unscrewed it on the bottom). The keyboard is obviously attached to the logic board and so you don't want to rip away at the keyboard like a madman either. Carefully disconnect the ribbon cable and do as you please with the keyboard.

    Some laptops don't require any screws to be removed on the bottom, the "panel" of sorts will just snap into place and there will be 2 or so screws holding the keyboard in place underneath the panel (on the top side of the laptop).

    I tried to find a service manual for your laptop online for a few minutes, had no luck. Maybe you or someone else will succeed.

    :) Again, it shouldn't be too difficult, just take your time and use a bit of logic.
  3. wharghasm

    wharghasm TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Very helpful pointers, thnx
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