Keyboard stopped working during Win32/Alamum false positive

By timbob5
Jul 15, 2009
  1. Have a HP Desktop with Windows XP. Recently went through the CA Security Win32/Amalum false positive. Sometime during this time (Friday to Sunday) the PS2 keyboard would lock up upon touching any key, locking mouse and computer. Had to manual shut off power supply. Originally thought this was part of virus mix-up. After many trials, uninstall and reinstall device with no success tried another PS2 keyboard with same trouble, installed a new USB keyboard which has no response, however doesn’t lock up.Num Lock light comes on but no control. Get error about device not setting up properly when re-starting, etc. In hardware setup shows device drivers for(i tried loading new driver from windows, however seems more like an enhanced software to set keys differently, drivers are the same). Keyboard doesn’t work during BIOS, set up (blue screen) either.

    During virus troubleshooting, I had deleted the quarantine files out of early frustration and I also tried to restore computer to previous point (left at that point), which did not work. I finally found info on trouble at CA forums. I had installed the Service Pack 3 (could not uninstall old, not an option) from Microsoft website and update XP to finally get the Win32/Amalum somewhat solved, computer seems to be running much slower than original with some unexplained errors popping up (did not jot any down), however no keyboard use has been the big issue. Ran all virus software; CA, Malware, Spy Blaster showing no viruses.

    I was thinking I need to try to restore to a time when keyboard worked and see what happens. Also thinking of reinstalling some service packs, however getting more and more frustrated spending all my time getting no where and was hoping for some advice. Not completely relevant, but my daughter is in Spain for 4.5 weeks for study abroad and my wife’s only economical means of communicating was through AIM and emailing from home, thus putting all efforts into getting keyboard working. Have online keyboard but not practical.

    Had worked with this forum in the past with a virus issue with very good success and was very pleased. Any suggestion(s) would be appreciated.

    Using work computer at this time,
  2. timbob5

    timbob5 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 44

    Restored to one day prior to CA Security false positive, USB keyboard worked. Wasn't even going to try PS2 due to computer locking up with an earlier attempt. Guessing something happened to Windows system installing SP3. What a relief and a bit of luck, Wife emailed daughter in Spain... however seems a virus may have came aboard after loading up Aim. Will check again latter. This would be different post. Hopefully I can handle.Thanks for the looks at my post. Not sure if this should go under Hardware for others to reference.
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