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Nov 5, 2010
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  1. Hey, I have been experiencing this problem for a while now, after sometime my usb keyboard would stop responding and then at times I would hear a "found new hardware sound (tun tun?) and it would start working again and when it won't, unplugging it and plugging it back would make it work. It has started to annoy me now, also sometimes it doesn't work on boot up and I have to restart my computer. I've tried installing different operating system too, first xp and then 7 and the problem is still there. My usb ports work fine for other components, e.g my cam, usb soundcard, i even tried changing the port for the keyboard but it would do the same thing and it's only the keyboard that does that, i've tried a different usb keyboard too. same problem.
    Any ideas/help would be appreciated!
  2. treetops

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    Your keyboard is probably faulty, did you spill something in it? If so turn it upside down for a few days. I read you can actually run your keyboard through the dish washer to clean it in one of my college computer repair books, though I have never tried it. If I was you I would take out all the keys and clean it or run it through the dish washer and leave it face down for a day. Perhaps you need to update your keyboard driver, but thats highly unlikely.

    your keyboard is likely dirty or dying
  3. zee3b

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    hey thanks for the reply, but I tried a different keyboard too and experienced the same problem.
  4. mike1959

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    Not reading USB keyboard

    Hi, It does sound as if you have a break in a wire of your keyboard, but you say it does it with a different keyboard also? It's worth going to Intel's site, let it scan and update any Intel drivers you have installed.
    Also, is it a keyboard that came with a driver disc? If so, there could be an updated driver for your OS that will fix the problem. (Microsoft keyboards use a driver that gets updates a couple of times a year).
  5. jamesodriscoll

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    I agree with Mike and treetops. Is sounds like your keybaord is faulty but you say you tried another one with the same propblem.

    have you tried going to the manufacturers site for your keybaors to check you have the upto date drivers for your keyboards?

    The link below is for Microsoft Hardware that you can try and find drivers for etc.

    It may be a long shot but what version is the USB for the keyboards and on the Mobo?
    Dont foget we are now on USB version 2.0 and i dont know but lets say the mobo is USB version 1.1. and the Keybaord is only version 2.0 that may cause problems. doubt it is this but might be worth checking as a shot in the dark.

    Hope this helps


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