Keybord Dell Latitude E7250

Dell Lattatude e7250-i7
8gb ramTouchscreen
Windows 10

I spilled wine on my PC immediately removed the battery opened it up blew it out with canned air and let it sit for a few weeks. I purchased a new battery and keyboard. When I powered it on It boot to the windows logo then the screen goes black. When I used an external monitor I did get the sign on screen; however, I was not able to type in my password because some keys were not working. I tried the on- screen keyboard and the same keys failed to work. The inop keys are 6, 7, y, u, j, h, m, n. When I ran diagnosis recieved 2000-0415 error (display cable). I purchased and installed another motherboard and am having the same issues as before. This time the diagnosis code was 2000-0415 (keyboard.) I tried the original keyboard and the same keys were inop. Any suggestions on what I should do next.


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Oh wow...since I do this kind of repair work you are certainly dedicated to getting this working (Kshipper would have chucked it out). You have no choice but to keep going. Change out that keyboard. I would first unhook the ribbon cable to the keyboard and boot it up with a USB keyboard and mouse. If the error goes away and everything is working well then you can change out the keyboard with confidence.
Works great with usb Keyboard and mouse and no black screen when connected to exterior monitor. Didn't try disconnecting the ribbon cable, but I definitely can do that and run diagnostics again. Thanks for responding to my post.