Knights of the Old Republic II Problems

By Ablissar
Apr 4, 2010
  1. After I fight Zez-Kai Ell on Nar Shadda, I am trapped in the storage room we fought in. There is only one door, and when I click on it, the message "This is a magnetically sealed storage door, and you see no way of opening it" comes up. This might be that there is another way out, but I think it is some kind of glitch. I have never played past this before, so I don't know how to get out.
  2. BEPOS

    BEPOS TS Member

    umm i would love to help you but i playied Knights of Old Republic a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away:Dand i dont passed the phaze at the start when a ship is boarding the metor-station or space-station or that ship you were on (i remember just that u were on somethinn:D)and i entered that ship and i see some bodyes and i dont find any way out or somethinn to do :( exept the way i get in :(..

    so ...
  3. swordmenxxl

    swordmenxxl TS Rookie

    I played thru Telos on the station but when i got to the Itorian mission where u have to steal the droid it got a little glitchy n slow but i continued playing n it kinda shoots me around the map into everthing but works a little i can kinda guide my character but i played til u crash on the surface and stoped because the major glitchyness continued n the shooting around kinda slowed and sometimes i get stuck in place then it shoots me or i just get stuck. any help please?
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