Laptop bleeping randomly

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Feb 7, 2010
  1. Hi, I have an Alienware m15x and I turned it on this morning to find it randomly bleeping. The laptop works fine, I can still do everything I want on it, except Its really annoying to hear this beeping noise all the time.
    It isnt coming from the speakers I know that much, which suggests to me hardware, but the only hardware I can think of that moves and could make a noise is the Hard Drive, could this be causing the noise.
    Also the bleep is constant, sometimes every second, every two seconds. Although it has just stopped now, but im guessing it will start again soon
    Any advice
  2. Tedster

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    read the bios beep guide in the motherboard forum FAQs
  3. Broni

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    Hard drive doesn't produce any beeps.
    It may be overheating.

    Download, and install SpeedFan:
    Post your computer temperatures:


    Provide processor info (hold Windows logo key, and hit Pause/Break key to find out).
  4. 1bellb

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    No, it isn't oveheating, I have my own temprature monitors and they are all fine. Also I had just turned the laptop on for the first time that morning, it had all night to cool down so I don't think it is heat at all.
    I have also emailed Alienware for help but for the second time they havnt replied to me, they have terrible customer service.
    However the noise has stopped altogether now, but I didn't do anything to stop it, so it could start again
  5. yangly18

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    hey, take a look at THIS. It's the bios beep guide, if it beeps, theres a reason, and it's on there.
  6. 1bellb

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    Ok, I made a recording of the sound it was making and I found a way for you guys to hear it, if you follow this link, you will be able to hear what its doing

    If you click play on the video file you will be able to hear the sound
  7. Broni

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    First of all..
    It really doesn't matter, because CPU heats up in a matter of a fraction of a second, but...
    ...I listened to that sound and it doesn't sound like regular computer warning beep.
    It sounds more like some process running in the background produces it.
    See, if same thing happens in Safe Mode.
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