Laptop can not boot into safe mode, boots fine regulary

By fummeltrine
Dec 22, 2011
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  1. Hey, I was asked by a family member to clean out their laptop, so I went ahead and downloaded malwarebytes, ccleaner and a new antivirus. Then I turned on safemode and restarted the pc.
    Now the laptop starts up and goes to the windows loading bar. As soon as its done loading the screen goes black but I can see and move the mouse cursor. A few seconds after that the pc restarts. Over and over again.

    Useless info:
    Now Im stuck again but this time, restoring it doesnt help, I cant do a full system restore because there is no backup image and the data on the laptop is important.
    Startup repair doesnt help.
    I figure that I only need to be able to turn off safemode somehow. Is there any way of fixing this?
    Thanks in advance, I registered on this forum because of this problem and I will try and return the favor in other threads.

    Acer Asipre
    Windows Vista (idk if 32 or 64, i assume 32)
    SU2700 Intel Premium processor
    intel GMA 4500MHD
    3GB DDR3 memory
  2. fummeltrine

    fummeltrine TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Right now, everytime I start up the laptop, it goes to systemrestore.

    I'd like to get to the window where it asks me how I want to boot the system. ("Boot Windows with the last working settings" or something like that). I know that this should boot it without safemode, but i don't know how to get there...
  3. Route44

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    Do you have the Vista disk?

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