Laptop can't connect to internet

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Jul 20, 2009
  1. Our laptop went down last week, we could not get it to reboot. We reloaded the OS last night and managed to get it running again, but we had to re-format the hard drive. Now we cannot get it to connect to the internet...we use a wireless connection for our laptop and it says that it cannot find the required bluetooth devices. If someone could let us know a place where we can download those for free then we can put it on a flash drive and load it onto the laptop. We have a Dell Latitude D810.
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    If you used the old hard drive from the D810, you may have pushed too hard to get it going, but you probably just have drivers problems.
    You should go to the website and enter your service tag that is found on the bottom of the Dell D810. ALL Dell driver downloads are free, but it is sometimes tricky to learn how to do it.
    Then download and install all relevant driver updates.... there could be as many as 77 drivers, depending on your model and configuration... but only a few (3 to 7) will be needed to fix your system.
    If your bluetooth device is a Dell, install it from the Dell site. Otherwise go to the website of the makers of your bluetooth and for the other wireless units that are connected to the Dell.
    First time installers can find this a difficult and frustrating process, so you might look for an experienced friend who has the time to help you do the first install.
    If you tell us all the components, we can perhaps be more helpful. It would be good to know the service tag, and the brand and model of Blue tooth and Wireless, and your connection to the internet... by brand name and model number of wireless device.
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    Suggest you try
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    cannot install drivers

    I went to the Dell website and found all the drivers for my laptop. It seems like these will fix our laptop. However, since our laptop can't connect to the internet I downloaded them onto my PC and moved them onto a flash drive. However, when I put them on the laptop and click on them it says..."Windows cannot open this file because it doesn't know what program created it." When I download these files onto my PC they say the same thing when I click on them. Is there something I am doing wrong? When I click on download now it says "the files are done downloading to your computer" almost immediately. The icon comes up on my desktop, but it is the icon with the missing picture. If you could help me figure out how to get the files downloaded onto the flash drive that would be so appreciated.
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    Laptop can't connect to the Internet

    Why don't you contact Dell direct by phone if you can't connect to the Internet. It sounds that by re-formatting your hard drive you have wiped out some crucial files for connection. Did you have an installation disk with the laptop or are you relying on the download to recover the system? Something is obviously missing from the OS download and the programme is not on your PC so it cannot locate it.

    Alternatively, contact Dell on-line through your PC and get them to connect remotely to your laptop and fix the problem.
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    Your idea of downloading the drivers to a separate drive or flash drive is a good one.
    If Windows is working properly, and you click on the driver from within Windows, the drivers you downloaded will open and install, often to a separate directory in My Computer. You may need to figger out what that is. Read the information that is there on the Dell site... perhaps print it out so you can follow the instructions.
    You then often have to click on that location to which the drivers were downloaded to complete the install on many Dell laptops.
    These will work fine if the driver is designed for your version of Windows.
    You might want to post your model or Service Tag here on TechSpot and we can then suggest which drivers to install first... to get you connected... then the others can be installed automatically
    There are as many as 83 drivers available for each Dell laptop, and they do NOT all fit a specific Service Tag... they are for all the various laptops in that series... you then have to select the 13 to 21 drivers your laptop needs.
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