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Laptop has weird keyboard glitch

By Jim Staller
Jul 13, 2016
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  1. Hi, this is my first post ever, so I'll try my best to abide to forum rules. I have an ASUS F555L laptop, and it is lite and everything I really need except the functionality of the keyboard. Every key types pretty well except those of the number row top of the QWERTY row. I've been reading on other forums about how the numlock is the problem, or how I need to install this driver which the ASUS live chat support man suggested to me, but these problems still persist. (I opened the laptop and even made sure that the keyboard cable was securely put.)

    The 3 key especially is problematic. In multiple browsers, pressing 3 will open up the "find on page" dialog and delete all the text that was written in the search bar. In windows explorer, the 3 will type consecutively for 5 times then delete all the text and become stuck in this weird ritual of opening the "find on page" and deleting itself.

    I believe that this is a unique problem; I still can't seem to find a solution, and this problem has made me realize just how much I rely on the 3 key.

    I was led to believe that this is a hardware problem because when I plug in other keyboards, they type just fine. Any suggestions/solutions?

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