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May 12, 2010
  1. HI all

    recently made the very wise decision to spill coffee into my laptop

    did the usual drill, unplugged it wiped down visible residue, left it to dry then cleaned out with alcohol

    frist of all both the trackpad and keyboard weren't working but having taken the keyboard apart and disconnected the board, I've found that the mouse will work.

    connecting it back however, renders both useless (also it appears as though the laptop thinks that buttons are being pressed because it'll keep being woken up out of hibernate (as if someone pressed a key) if you put it to sleep.)

    anyway I digress

    I'm looking to see about getting a replacement board similar to this one

    but I'm having trouble finding one in thhe UK for my laptop

    my laptop is an Asus X70sr

    I beleive that moisture has gotten into the circuit board of the keyboard and that is what needs replacing, does anyone know of anywhere in the UK (web) that I can order the necessary parts for?

  2. Boins

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  3. Boins

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    I'm leaving the keyboard circuitry to dry in the sun for the next few days, I've managed to get the sticky coffee residue from the board itself but can see that the contacts (where the keys press against) still have wet coffee inside,

    is this going to mean that the keyboard is unsalvagable or should it return to normal if this is dried out thoroughly over a few days?
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    Good luck with this. We had client VP who had spilled Hot Chocolate onto the laptop keyboard. That laptop had to be replaced. She had thought it could be fixed, she guess wrong. If you spill water, soda, beer, wine and such why the system is running by AC/DC then there is going to be some sort of short. Newer systems the keyboard is design to take a few spills. I just replaced one, but the dog had taken his paw and had dug into 3 keys. I was able to repair 2 keys but the 3rd was damage.

    Found a new Acer keyboard for 17.3 laptop on ebay with free shipping cost me $39 bucks I couldn't find anyone else who had the same keyboard and new. They only had 2 left. I remove the old one and found that the design kept water off the MOBO meaning contact was min. Anyway told the wife watch it next time.
  5. Boins

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    well I've disassembled the whole thing, freakin' key, and got the circuit board out and currently have that immersed in isopropyl.... hopefully that'll get the coffee out.... if not then I know what needs to be done. (give up sugary cofee...)
  6. Boins

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    well bathed it in the cleaning alcohol and now the mous eand keyboard will work, still a bit iffy but i've left it out to dry again.... problem solved !
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