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Jun 22, 2009
  1. I own an HP Compaq nc6320....and recently my screen has been acting weird. it only turns on some of the time upon startup. Sometimes it seems like it has to cool down for it to work, I'll have to leave it off for a while before the screen will work. But also i noticed that the fan doesnt seem to be running as fast when the screen isnt working. Is this because my computer isnt fully booting? I'm thinking i may have fried my video card, as i play WoW sometimes. Could this be a virus? Any help would be appritiated.

  2. capnkm

    capnkm TS Rookie Topic Starter

    anyone??? i could really use the help
  3. ReaperSA

    ReaperSA TS Rookie

    Hi capnkm,

    Sounds like your backlight inverter starting to pack up, when this problem comes up again look closely at the screen if you can faintly see an image it is your backlight inverter.

    You can order this part from HP, should'nt be too expensive.

    Just a warning if you try to replace it yourself be very carefull as it packs quite a wallop if you get shocked.
  4. capnkm

    capnkm TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I dont think there's any image what so doesnt seem like its fully booting...because when the screen does come sounds much different
  5. ReaperSA

    ReaperSA TS Rookie

    Sounds like an intermitent power fault, if you're lucky it could just be the battery. Try removing the battery an running the latpop directly off your ac adapter if the problem continues it is most likely blown/faluty capacitors, you can check this by stripping the laptop and seeing if any of the caps a bulging or have anything leaking out of them , if this is the case I would not recomend trying to replace them yourself as soldering irons are very bulky for motherboards and would probibly just damage it further and finding a suitable cap is very difficult unless you have access to other boards that you can take them from.
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