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  1. Hi all few days ago my laptop suddenly experience lag in everything except for sound output and the motion of the mouse cursor . It is the 1st time this laptop has ever lag so seriously .

    My laptop is an ASUS A55VD with Intel Core i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.3GHz and 6GB RAM (5.89 usable) , it has windows 7 home premium 64-bit . The hard drive containing the OS still has 134GB of free space . Considering the specs above my laptop shouldn't have any problem with speed.

    I usually use it to browse the internet , youtube , some gaming (Need for speed : Most Wanted 2012 & Shift , Crysis Warhead , Prototype and online games) for 10-12 hours straight . However overheating doesn't seem to be the factor of lagging as it even lags after just turning on the laptop .

    I've tried shutting down and restarting several times and the interesting fact is that it doesn't actually lags until a few minutes after starting up . It also doesn't lag a bit when in safe mode . With that I eliminated the probability of hardware malfunction . I've run several antivirus checks and updated my nvidia driver but the lag is still persistent . Opening / closing a folder/ application , scrolling up and down a web page , even viewing a downloaded video also lags .

    Windows Task Manager shows a reading of 12-16% of CPU usage and 49% physical memory being used with just the browser opened . Fraps shows a maximum 8fps when a video is playing.

    With the details given above I hope someone could help me solve this annoying lag . Thanks in advance ! =D
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    This type of "lag" can be caused by a virus or other type of malware infection...

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