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By deanlaing12
Nov 27, 2011
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  1. Currently i have a PC and Xbox 360 attached to my sound system using splitters.

    Is it possible to send the audio signals from my laptop into my pc and out into the sound system?

    I tried to do it by putting an aux 3.5mm jack into my headset output on the laptop and stuck the other end into the mic part of my pc. I failed though.

    Does anyone know how i can do this without buying another set of splitters and 3.5mm to rca?

    Does anyone know how i can do it using only my 3.5mm aux lead?

    Sorry, i got it working. Here is how i did it.

    3.5 jack from laptop headphone jack into the blue "Line-In" on pc.
    Go into recording devices by right clicking audio controles on task bar.
    Click on "Line In" device and click properties.
    Configure it to read and use whatever output you want.
    The WAIT for a while and it should work. The waiting part is crucial or you wont get results.

    Problems.... I am loosing audio quality and it seems to have too much bass.
  2. DKRON

    DKRON TS Guru Posts: 569   +25

    your amp is probably having trouble filtering both sounds
  3. deanlaing12

    deanlaing12 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 127

    Both sounds?

    I don't listen to music on both my pc and laptop whilst playing the xbox if thats what you mean.

    On the hifi i got two splitters, one for left and one for right.

    In goes the pc, and in goes the xbox.

    On the laptop i got a cable going from headphones to pc line-in.

    My assumption is that the cables are damaged. Despite buying it last week, a friend folded it up wrong instead of coiling it properly.
  4. DKRON

    DKRON TS Guru Posts: 569   +25

    the easiest way the test it is to plug in a DVD player through the red and white cables and see what it does

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