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May 15, 2009
  1. I have a laptop that I am using as a wireless network in my home. On the top of the laptop it says NOTEBOOK but I can not find anything that tells me what the brand or model number is. It's my daughter's old laptop and she has no idea what brand it is. The only thing I see is the part number on the battery ms2127/ms2128I even went to my computer and checked in properties and it tell me nothing concerning the make or model. I googled the battery part numbers and it gave me several vendors that use that type battery. Is their any way I can get the model or maker of this laptop. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Assuming you have Windows 2k or XP, you may get more info from System Information.
    Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Information. Also when you first turn it on, you may see something on the screen (before windows loads) that may give you more info.
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    You can also try one of my favorite tools for "drilling" down and viewing information about your computer component by component. Download System Information Viewer.

    Also note each of SIV's windows provides a Copy button along the bottom so you can easily copy/paste whatever you find as well
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    OK, almost there, found out the laptop is generic but the ram is a a Kingston valueram KVR266x64SC25/256. Call Kingston ram for help but they need to know the type of mobo. Tried everything I know to find the type mobo I have, no luck, any suggestions anybody?
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