Laptop with 6 hr or better battery life?

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Okay so here's a challenge, I need to find a laptop that can last about 6 hours or better on a battery for around 700$ - 1000$...
It only needs to be able to do word/email/internet type things... something semi-decent for a normal person that doesn't do anything that requires powerful components...
I myself have never seen such a thing exist... so I'm asking everyone here...


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For that budget, you could get a used ultraportable and a new (high capacity) battery. Maybe sth from the ThinkPad X30 series. You can configure the machine to use the least amount of power by fixing the CPU speed and screen brightness to lowest setting.

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The ultra portables (Sony Vaio TZ, Thinkpad X series, Toshiba Portege R500) are the only ones that can give you that kind of battery life on ideal situations. They are very expensive however, so the responses above are just about right.
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