Laptop won't power on. How to check battery?

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May 4, 2010
  1. My friend's laptop won't turn on. It doesn't start to boot or anything. My first thought is it's either the battery or the A/C adapter but I'm not sure how to check those without having swappable pieces (which I don't have.)
    I took the battery out and tried to power on with just the A/C adapter plugged in and same as with the battery in, only thing that happens is the little light with the lightening symbol flashes 3 times. Also the little light where you plug the charger in lights up while the charger is in. Would the laptop power up with just the A/C adapter plugged in and no battery?
  2. Reckoning

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  3. nismo91

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    try to turn on the laptop without the battery. and see if the AC adapter light lit.
  4. ComputerGuy55

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    Yes it will power on without a battery, do like nismo91 said, plug it in without the battery and check at the front if you have the AC light on.. If it's still not powering, get someone to test it with a Power tester that can check the voltage coming out of the power cord, make sure it is the same or around what the required voltage is for the laptop to run.. If it's not, see if a local computer shop sells Universal power supplies for laptops and if there is a return policy if it does not work..
  5. Tedster

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    if the charger light is on, then the only way to to test is a battery is with a voltmeter. remove the better and use a voltmeter.
  6. Reckoning

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    Is the A/C adapter light the lightening symbol?
    If so than yes it still blinks when i try to power up without the battery and just the cable plugged in but still the comp won't boot
  7. ComputerGuy55

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    Well, I don't think it is a good idea for you to try this yourself, best to bring it to a shop or have someone who has worked with laptops/computers before do this..


    Unscrew the screws in the bottom to the panels for the hard drive/ram/wireless card. Take out one piece at a time, and try booting up the computer each time without the device that got taken out, do not replace any parts till your down to the shell.. If this doesn't seem to do it, takeoff and unplug the keyboard, and make sure the power plug is firmly in the motherboard.
  8. Reckoning

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    Well I've built several computers so I'm comfortable taking it apart I just don't have a whole lot of experience with laptops. I'll see how that goes, thanks.
  9. tipstir

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    For every screw you remove I would place it into a plastic cup. Sounds like the pin adapter bad on the motherboard.
  10. Reckoning

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    I took everything apart and as far as I can see everything "looks" okay but I don't know what the pin adapter looks like.
  11. Reckoning

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    Can anyone shed some light on what the pin adapter looks like? and maybe how I could check it to see if it's working?
  12. ComputerGuy55

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    I would tell you if I knew what tipstir was talking about but I'm honestly not sure, Only thing I can suggest is that all the cables are secure..
  13. johnchen

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