LastPass discounts paid plans by 20% for World Password Day

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In brief: World Password Day is still a few days away, but password manager LastPass is celebrating early with an attractive discount on its paid plans. From now through May 9, new users and existing free tier members can save 20 percent off the premium or family plan.

The premium subscription includes all of the features of the free tier plus access across all of your devices, one-to-many sharing and 1GB of encrypted file storage as well as priority tech support, emergency access, dark web monitoring and a security dashboard.

The family plan, meanwhile, builds on the premium plan with up to six individual, encrypted vaults. Subscribers also get a family manager dashboard and the ability to group and share items in folders.

The LastPass premium plan normally commands $3 per month, but with the discount, you can get it for $2.40 a month (when billed annually). The family plan is usually $4 but is marked down to $3.20 when you pay for a year up front.

LastPass is also discounting its paid business plan. In addition to all features from the teams tier, this subscription supports an unlimited amount of users, three single sign-on apps with MFA support, LastPass families for employees and 100+ customizable policies. Normally $6.00, it can be had for just $4.80 per month annually for a limited time.

Intel created World Password Day in 2013 to raise awareness about the importance that strong passwords play in our digital lives. This year's event takes place on May 5.

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I do.
Microsoft Edge on PC and Android.
Works in apps too (like Subway) which is a huge plus for something already included in the browser.
I used LastPass when it first came out, but dumped it when I wanted to use it on my phone and saw that mobile use required payment. At that time I went with Chrome and now Edge. I prefer not to accumulate applications that do what software I use daily already does.


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Ever heard of keypassxc?
Stop recommending C++ apps that rely on you distributing your db files all over the place and are limited to the desktop. I honestly can't figure out why you think KeePass* is an actually alternative to LastPass, it's not even close. It's like comparing a password "protected" 2003 Excel sheet on a thumb drive to Bitlocker with the recovery key automatically backed up to Active Directory via Group Policy.