Latest CoD Warzone Pacific patch removes aim down sight (ADS) bloom


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What just happened? The Warzone Pacific player community has been extremely vocal about the game's newly introduced weapon bloom mechanic. The feature, which was only applied to Vanguard-based weapons, was thought to have been included to balance the game's increased number of attachments slots. With ten slots at their disposal, players were forced to rely on attachments to improve weapon efficiency. But thanks to the game's December 15th update players may no longer have to factor bloom into their weapon attachment choices.

In early November, Raven Software released Warzone Pacific with a new weapon mechanic, aim down sight (ADS) bloom, which added a degree of randomness to shots with certain CoD Vanguard weapons. Last week, the game's developer began scaling back the previously added weapon feature. Much to the community's surprise, the recent December 15th update seems to have completely removed the ill-received mechanic from all of Warzone's Vanguard weapons.

The ADS mechanic's removal is potentially game-changing, as it restores the accuracy and potential usability of many previously overlooked weapons. TrueGameData's Anthony Zachman released a detailed video just before the latest patch, showing how much impact the mechanic can have on specific Vanguard weapons at a fixed distance.

Raven initially announced that they were scaling back the impact of weapon bloom in their December 10th Warzone patch notes. The change was expected to be implemented over time, slowly toning down the mechanic's impacts while developers looked for other more palatable ways to balance the new game's weapons. But as of the latest update the mechanic is reportedly no longer present at all.

At launch the ADS bloom mechanic was only applied to Vanguard-based weapons in both CoD Vanguard and Warzone, it did not impact Warzone weapons from other CoD titles. For now, the feature's removal only applies to Warzone-based Vanguard weapons. While much more forgiving, the ADS bloom mechanic is still present in the normal Vanguard game at this time.

The change once again shows that Ravensoft is listening to their community's wants and they're willing to act on them as well. Now, if only they'd take that same approach to the new Ricochet anti-cheat...

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Warzone is still a hot mess. Weapon balancing is a mess. MW guns while usable dont stand much of chance against CW guns let alone the OP VG guns. VG guns are so good its just crazy. Everyone can see the nerfs coming. Whats funny is the dev already nerfed VG guns but it only hurt a few n gave rise to other OP VG guns.
Dev simply nerfing a gun into the ground or just giving it more recoil isnt balancing a weapon. Its a lazy way to not properly balance a weapon. Its simply becoming a joke just like their anti cheat.


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This kind of half-baked weapon balancing will persist until most PCs are capable of replicating realistic shooting conditions (windage, ballistic drop, etc) in real time during mass battles. I've heard that a few single-player games have this but AFAIK you only see these realism factors in multi-user military training sims which undoubtedly cost millions of $$.