Leaked: full Crysis 2 game, with multiplayer and master key



The world of PC hardware development is finished as Crytek are the only people making good looking games. Since it's been leaked they won't make games for PCs anymore. On top of this there will be no more hardware development from intel, amd or nvidia. right. is this some nerd version of the Mayan 2012 prophesy?


Who cares everyone that planned on buying this game are still going too.

The people that were going to DL it are still going too or have already.

Just because X amount of people DL it doesnt mean they were going to buy it before it got leaked in the first place.

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Guest said:

we also must change multiplayer to the point of if you want to play online you must pay per user per hour say one dollar per hour of play no more free to play on line stuff anywhere
Excuse me? Are you nuts? What exactly have you been smoking? Can I have some, so I can get ripped off and feel good about it too? Please?

Seriously, it's people like this who give the already rich game companies stupid ideas to make more money. At our expense.

I was going to write a long response about what an ***** you are, but I am actually too angry and I think I would break something if I stay here much longer contemplating the idiocy of that statement.


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xclusiveitalian said:
Crytek didn't leak it and i doubt dev leaked it bc their all going to prob get in trouble rite now even if they didn't especially in sale because now that their is multiplayer there is no point for hackers to buy the game. Maybe a clever janitor at there place stole the game from their computers and gave it to a tech savy friend or something like that, you never know. I do know they lost millions in sales so it's not on purpose.
Yah they did leak it. It was put on the EA servers and someone grabbed it from there.


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The only way it will affect sales is people will dl it, decide they don't like it then not buy the game. Those who like it will buy the game. Kinda saves people money.


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Hell, what a whinners, I'm downloading this! Wanna know what I think, I believe that they leaked the game on purpuse with a few bugs so that people that download it get pissed at the game and then just buy it... didn't they do the same with Half-life 2 and got millions of copies sold?


As long as there are countries that add up 25 to 30 percent of taxes
to imported games piracy will continue.
Why do Europeans pay 60 euro's for a game that cost 60 US dollars
Simple, 10 to 15 euro's go straightly into the treasure chests of
the greedy government.
Its just like the prices of burnable empty media (DVD'Rs etc)
and any storage hardware.
If you buy burnable discs
allready 20 to 30 percent is included to ensoften the loss to software
piracy and copyright laws.
They even changed laws in Belgium and germany years ago that made prices go up to 50 percent of DVDR's (30 percent price included and 20 percent extra taxes).
When the word softwarepiracy wasnt invented yet we wer allready paying way too much for
floppies,videostorage,audiocasettes,CDR's, burners, DVDR's, harddisks, usbsticks etc....
Why?because "they" allready knew we wer not going to store just simple text and
Holliday pictures on em.
And i know from a lot of fellowgamers that still 7 out of 10 will actually buy the game
after they played the sp campaign of a copy.
Last couple of years gamers are getting more picky what game they buy.
Invent good software protection and the second magic word is "multiplayer".
Combine that with good quality,service and support and gamesellings will go up.


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Really Dissapionted, this is bad for PC gaming, im going to wait till the launch and buy the game and with this im going to buy it with hope that they dont loose big money so they can keep the PC platform alive...


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Guest said:
we also must change multiplayer to the point of if you want to play online you must pay per user per hour say one dollar per hour of play no more free to play on line stuff anywhere
I very strongly disagree with this, one of the best aspect of PC gaming is that if you're already paying for internet, multiplayer is free.


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I'm downloading this simply because I am impatient.
Still have solid plans to buy a retail copy. Just can't pass up a chance to play it a bit early.


PC GAMERS need to unite, can't you all see the bigger companies are shitting all over us? even if you do download it please buy it! For all we know this is a ploy by some of the anti-pc gaming companies to destroy pc gaming. Seriously, i'm buying two copies just for the sake of sticking two fingers up at all of the "consolers" and the companies they adore.


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DL'ing this only puts more nails in the PC gaming coffin, regardless of how well it sells or not. The only people killing the PC gaming market are the PC gamers themselves; you guys should maybe look inwards, instead of blaming 'console' players you all presume to be the dimwits that are 'killing' PC gaming.

Perhaps, like, NOT download this because it only gives other developers an excuse to not create PC games. Seriously, you guys can't wait a couple weeks?


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"OMG this is like totally gonna like end PC gaming. I could just die right now, like you know what i am saying."

Don't let the worst-case scenario pessimist fool you, there's too much money to be made for this one event to end PC gaming. Common sense people try it, it'll change your life for the better


Man.. its such a bad news. Not only for Crytek but altogether for PC gaming.

Well.. I wasn't decided to buy Crysis 2. But hearing this.. I'm going to buy it for the sake of PC gaming industry. Hope genuine PC gamers won't let Crytek down. And I really don't wan't to see shitty console ports taking over PCs.


Well what i can see in the future is that only activision will be making call of duty for pc which wont be having any single player ,only mp and they will charge 100$ for it.

I buy games which I really like mass effect, crysis, orange box,far cry2 etc. support the devlopers who are dedicated to pc gaming.


It's ideas like this that are why the pc gaming industry is going to ****. A dollar per hour for online play? If you pay the money for a game, you should be able to play the multiplayer without a fee as long as it's included in the game. Please go check out something called "The Humble Indie Bundle" to understand why people actually do purchase games that are DRM free and offered for "nothing"


thanks pirates for ruining it for the rest of us.. ONE company finaly put pc gamers ahead of console gamers and got bit in the *** for doing it.
DONT bite the hand that feeds you stupid pirates!


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It's a real shame. I looked at a few minutes of the intro and then stopped it. I will purchase the game for PC when it releases and enjoy or hate it, but at least I know that it was with honesty and integrity. Companies need to protect their assets a little better to avoid this.


i've stopped playing pirate versions of games fro awhile now, cause i promised myself that once i could afford it i'll buy it, that was 10 yrs ago. But i've been burned so much by the lack of beta releases or demos that i've made purchases that were a total waste of my money, A.P.B and Black Ops being the most recent.

So i for one am still on the fence about this torrent, but i do agree with some torrenters that dl the game to see if it is worth it and then buy it....only way to get value for money?


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Someone from Crytek or EA leakded this build. If reasonable security measures were in place then only an insider would have access to the game. My guess is that it was leaked to drum up interest before it's released next month.


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I have to admit alot of people on this have said they are still buying it, glad to see that, maybe we may see a Crysis 3 on the Cry Engine 3 on our GTX 680's?? :p although I have already bought the game and i'm pretty sure the version leaked is some kind of polished console game rather than the PC version. They have already gone down to say the PC version will have DX11 support etc... haven't they? you know what, i'll do some research next time before posting :)


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Oh please, blame the Pc community because one of their own dev's or staff leaked the game?!
Way to blame the consumer for the error of the creator.

Seriously thats so damn gay, do you guys really think some random guy broke into their offices and stole the game to distribute?
This is just like the movie companies lashing out at downloaders because cinema staff/etc leak promotional DVD's

Always putting the blame on the wrong person or blaming everyone else, typical American BS where its always someone else' fault!

Anyways I'm still buying it, I'm just annoyed that I have to wait till the 21'st if its clearly already done.


It wasn't necessarily a Crytek employee that leak Crysis 2. It could have been an outside quality assurance firm. A game reviewer website confirmed that it could have another reviewer as they often will get copies like this. Of course it could have been someone that hacked into Crytek. It is amazing the networks that have been completely hacked into by Chinese industrial espionage hackers. A while ago they stole the plans for the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Just recently a number of large oil companies had their networks hacked into by the Chinese and they stole large amounts of very confidential information. These people have dedicated teams that map out the profiles of every employee,how they communicate, vulnerabilities in their software or websites they visit, or may spoof e-mails and use social engineering to insert trojan backdoors into the network. It seems the only safe thing to do is to quarantine the development network from the Internet.