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Leaked: full Crysis 2 game, with multiplayer and master key

By Emil · 111 replies
Feb 12, 2011
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  1. ansh1993

    ansh1993 TS Enthusiast Posts: 93

    i just loved the first part and i will buy the second as well . ea games is a very good publisher ..
  2. Hank10156

    Hank10156 TS Rookie

    Means, motive and opportunity.

    When I was younger I had my fun with torrents. I also had my headaches with them. Only children would touch these virus infected garbage files. I learned the hard way these torrent files are nothing but trouble. I guess some people must learn everything the hard way and painfully as my memories remind me. Law enforcement professionals will tell you it takes 3 things for a crime to be commited, "means, motive and opportunity". Take away any one of these and the crime cannot be commited. Sadly, I do aggree with a previous writer, employees in the gaming development industry are most likely responsible for these file leaks. Many of us are addicted to components of the IT world, the world wide web, gaming and porn are addictive and can be used or abused. When a child gets the feeling of pleasure by downloading some torrent file, that rush can become permanantly associated with pleasure and you have many adults who have never lost or matured out of this association. I think it's up to honest hard working gaming developers to remove the "means" factor from torrent files. They should be designed to bite the up and downloaders with sharp teeth. Only this will stop the association of pleasure from the illegall use of these files.
  3. Hank10156

    Hank10156 TS Rookie

    EA supporter..

    I have been a Crysis for PC fan from the very beginning and I will pay any price when it's released in March. If EA want to raise the price to $150 to compensate themselves for the thievery, I would pay it. A high price would be counterproductive though of course, but I personally would pay an overinflated price..
  4. actually it was crytec with crysis that killed pc gaming for me and many others, after spending £50.00 on a game and another £1200.00 a top of the range pc and still never got to the ending.

    As far as i am concered crytec still owns me one and i may just collect.

    Developers will go where the money is. PS3 and XBox

    Piracy = try before you buy

    IAMTHESTIG TS Evangelist Posts: 1,157   +396

    While I disagree with pirating in general, I can understands people's extreme lack of patience. I can wait... but if my friend got a copy early, I'll admit, i'll try it. I understand it isn't the final product as well.

    I really hope they release a demo though, that is probably 30% of the reason why people feel the need to download a pirated copy.

    Regardless if they game is decent i'll definitely buy it. I agree with supporting a product you like by purchasing it, and I hope more PC gamers start doing this. It is a shame people download a pirated copy of a game, play the entire thing through... then don't buy it. That is a smack in the face to the developers and not right in my book.
  6. slamscaper

    slamscaper TS Booster Posts: 186   +35

    This is really starting to get on my nerves. I never really paid much attention to the guys out there pirating every piece of software they use. I figured they are a small part of the community overall.

    Now I can see that this community is growing very rapidly. These people are stealing software and they don't think they are doing anything wrong. I wish these thieves would realize that they are the reason PC game development is way behind.

    I implore you true PC gamers out there to support the PC platform by buying your games legitimately. Your support will ensure that the game devs will put all their effort into delivering a truly awesome gaming experience. Any ***** can download a cracked game... Don't be that *****... Don't contribute to the murdering of PC game development.
  7. here is a tip for these developers that complain about piracy. Stop charging $50-$60 for a game that I might play one time. Its not the gamers fault you failed to meet your deadlines a billion times and spent way more money on visuals than you did on the actual game play.
  8. No no no, this argument is a fallacy and I am fed up of it, the buck doesn't stop with the person who initially leaked the material, everyone who knowingly downloads it is just as responsible. People seem to have different standards for electronic property but at the end of the day if you are using a product you didn't pay for (and wasn't a gift) then you stole it, plain and simple.

    Also do pirates really believe that everything should be free? I can't imagine anyone *****ic enough to believe that, hey i'm sure most of them have a job some kind, maybe they should work unpaid in order to contribute to this wonderful ethos of giving.
  9. DAOWAce

    DAOWAce TS Booster Posts: 261   +39

    Support Crytek. Don't make the same mistake with Crysis.

    Crysis wasn't an unoptimized piece of garbage, your system was. @those who complained

    Crysis is one of the few games which shined with quality, deserving to be purchased, but no, the opposite happened because no one could run it on max settings with a playable framerate. Guess what? I ran it on an AGP system (HD 3850, Athlon X2) from start to finish on tweaked medium-high settings (tweakguides.com) and spent 17 hours going through the campaign because of how much I enjoyed just fooling around.

    I'd have purchased 1,000 copies if I had the money just to show my support to Crytek. I'd love to do the same with Crysis 2.

    Again, support Crytek. If you don't, you're hurting more than just a single company.

    I'm going to replay Crysis and Warhead now that I can run it at max settings at over 60FPS. Anyone care to join me?
  10. I dl this on sat. Buggy but by no means unplayable. Just make sure not to die or it gets real buggy and you will probably have to restart the level. Also the audio is not the best. Almost beat it great game.
  11. and BTW the first cryisis gameplay sucked. That game was all about the graphics and crysis didnt seem to want to make it anything more. I would never pay $60 for a piece of art and yet i paid that for the first one. So i had some money stole from me a couple years ago time to return the favor crytek. Crysis 2 is much better though.
  12. ^ No they did not STEAL your money, you brought a product and decided you didn't like it, tough. Do you walk into a shop, buy some food, eat half of it, decide you don't like it and then complain that the people who manufactured it STOLE your money? And after you've decided that you don't like it do you go back take another product made by the same company, hide it under your coat and walk out the door content in the knowledge that you are 'just making your money back?


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