Learn Raspberry Pi: Save 93% on 5 in-depth courses

By TS Dealmaster
Jul 31, 2015
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  1. It’s easy to be intrigued by the Raspberry Pi. Since the unveiling of the souped-up Raspberry Pi 2 earlier this year, the ultra-affordable, credit card-sized computer has been startling skeptics with its surprising power and spurring innovation among DIY-savvy tinkerers and schools around the world.

    Now you can grasp the full power of Raspberry Pi with the 5 course Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle, now available at 93% off in the TechSpot Store.

    Raspberry Pi is a miniature, affordable computer that can power all sorts of physical computing tasks, from simple sensors and switches to advanced robotics. This bundle features 5 in-depth courses to bring you fully up to speed with this powerful computer:

    • Introduction to Raspberry Pi: Hands-on projects teach you the Pi’s basic computing functions.
    • Hardware Projects Using Raspberry Pi: Finish three Raspberry Pi-controlled hardware projects, including a motion-sensitive laughing teddy bear!
    • Python Programming for Beginners: Master the user-friendly, Pi-friendly programming language.
    • Real World Guide to Hardware Design: Get expert direction on building simple, yet efficient hardware.
    • PiBot: Build Your Own Raspberry Pi-Powered Robot: Learn how to construct your own mobile robot running off the Raspberry Pi.

    That’s $600 worth of coursework for only $39 - don’t miss out and learn how to use this powerful (and fun) mini computer.

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