Legitimate keylogger program?

By TheWildInside
Apr 25, 2011
  1. Hi, I'm looking for legitimate keylogger or keyboard recording software (preferably freeware) for a desktop PC running Windows XP that my mom and brother use exclusively. I did a Google search and found pages and pages of information, but my initial thought was, how do I know any of this software won't report back to momma if I download and install it?? I need something that's easy and safe. My mom's 82 and getting forgetful, my brother's schizoaffective and has his own issues; additionally, I often have to clean up crap and weird things that happen (like regularly used icons disappearing off the desktop). It would be beneficial if I could just open a log between visits and see what happened to make things go wrong. Any ideas?

    Thanks! Karan
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