Lenovo announces worlds thinnest Ultrabook, ThinkPad X1 Carbon


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Lenovo announced a wave of notebook updates this morning, including new range of ultrabooks set to run Intel's brand new third-generation Ivy Bridge processors. Among the models released is a...

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Let's hope the keyboard is decent unlike on most ultrabooks, Lenovo are usually exceptional in that aspect.

It's a bit heavy compared to the competition though, even though it's made out of carbon fibre.


How is it the thinnest? The Macbook Air is 17.2 mm at the thickest point.


Oh, I want this so much. If its <$3000 with all the extras, warranty and such, I'm game. My current Thinkpad T500 is set to self destruct in about two years, now I just need to befriend a Lenovo employee to get employee discount :)

Julio Franco

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@Guest, I have to assume the answer to your question is that the MacBook Air is not an ultrabook, per Intel's own terms.


Nice laptop but it's definitely not the thinnest Ultrabook, maybe the thinnest 14 inch Ultrabook

HP Spectre is 0.69 inches = 17.5mm

I am sure the Samsung Series 9 and Asus Zenbook UX32VD are also thinner. Things are going to get interesting once Apple launches next generation MBAs, with upgraded specs and possible price drops. Considering Apple laptops have awesome resale value and Parallels just costs $80, that makes MBAs enticing even for Windows users, especially since they have unmatched construction quality, screens and trackpad.


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Well hello sexy.... Hey T430u, you have major competition, from within no less. This will surely be an exciting summer/early fall for me~