Lenovo intros 14 and 15-inch ThinkPad Edge notebooks

By Matthew
Mar 23, 2010
  1. Promptly following the launch its 13-inch ThinkPad Edge notebook, Lenovo has expanded the range with 14 and 15-inch models. The new machines are still aimed at small and medium businesses, and inherit most of their younger sibling's traits. It's worth noting that we recently reviewed the 13-inch ThinkPad Edge if you're looking for more information about the line.

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  2. megrawab

    megrawab TS Rookie Posts: 93

    After IdeaPad, it's the time for ThinkPad Edge.. Lenovo is getting fast on product innovation and this one captures the new great features...
  3. Thompson

    Thompson TS Rookie Posts: 65

    That's a sleek looking laptop, nice.
    15" screen this time, that's a good size for a laptop.
  4. Lenovo's 14-inch ThinkPad T61 shaves a few millimeters off the company's more mainstream R-series laptops, but still boasts the same, solid ThinkPad DNA along with IT-friendly features by way of Intel's new Centrino Pro platform. The Trackpoint buttons look humongous. I guess it's to accommodate the giant trackpad, but they should market these things to basketball players.
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