Lenovo T500: Windows Media Player Flickers?

By Auvic
Nov 5, 2009
  1. I'm running a Lenovo Thinkpad, T500 - I've had my T500 for close to a year, now, and it's been pretty good to me up until recently:

    For a week or two, it attempted to randomly shut itself down in the middle of running processes, an issue that hasn't come up for a while, though I'm not entirely sure how I fixed it - if I fixed it at all

    But more recently, I've noticed that if I watch something in windows media player, minimizing / maximizing WMP causes the entire screen to flicker.

    Flicker, as in, the entire screen goes black for a couple seconds, and then I can see again. The odd thing about this is that it only happens when the video is actually playing - if I have the video paused, the screen will not flicker.

    It's not a major problem, and it's something I can ignore - but it makes me wonder if there's anything else with my laptop that's going to decide it wants to work as well.

    Any ideas, guys?

  2. Auvic

    Auvic TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 132

    Update: I download the DivX player, and it happens on that player as well.

    When I open the video, the screen goes black, then partially comes back, then goes black again, then comes back for half a second, then goes black again - it happens 3-4 times every time I open a video file.

    This also happens whenever I minimize/un-minimize the video whenever it's playing.

    Bah. Any ideas at all?
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