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I have a lexmark 2500 all in one printer, it has worked fine till recently when i got an error message when trying to print. It said "Unsupported cartridge" The cartridge has been working for months and is a lexmark cartridge, so I have bought another and I have got the same message.
I have reinstalled the drivers, I have unplugged the printer for an hour or so, but still the same
Any Ideas Anyone Please
Hello, the cartridge may be defective or the cartridge may not be seating properly in the carrier. I was able to find the following at the Lexmark site. You may be able to get some help using the Chat or calling the Lexmark number for support.


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If the correct toner cartridge is installed, it may not be seated correctly. Because of this reason, you are getting this error message.For that, do the following:
1. Turn off the printer.
2. Reseat the toner cartridge.
3. Close the lid.
4. Power the printer back on and check the display.
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