LG opens Software Upgrade Center to deliver faster Android updates

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LG Electronics has officially opened a new facility in Seoul, South Korea dedicated to working on software updates. The Software Upgrade Center is part of LG's Magok-dong campus located in western Seoul.

The new building will house developers responsible for handling updates on smartphones as well as ongoing firmware testing. Greater emphasis will be placed on checking compatibility between software and hardware before and after new releases are made.

One of the first tasks for the new team will be pushing out Android Oreo to the LG G6. Although Oreo was originally released in August 2017, it has taken time for many phone makers to push out updates to all of their devices. Google is right on top of updates since Pixel devices are not as reliant on carriers to approve software changes. Samsung has implemented Oreo on its Galaxy S8, Note 8, and newer models, but not on older devices.

Purchasing a smartphone is buying into more than just a piece of hardware. The software running on it can make or break the entire user experience. LG's CEO declares, "Stable and consistent upgrades will demonstrate to our customers that LG smartphones have long and reliable lifespans." Having properly updated software helps keep devices secure and running smoothly.

Renewed efforts to improve the user experience come at a critical time for LG. Earlier this year the company was forced to exit the Chinese smartphone market due to intense competition from rivals Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo. The upcoming G7 was also ordered to be completely revised to better meet consumer expectations, causing it to be delayed until after Mobile World Congress.

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I have the Sony Xperia XZ Premium and I got the Oreo update a few months after its release but its been painful, just weird issues like the GPS symbol constantly appearing, phone calls being completely silent on first attempt, plugging into a computer no longer recognises its in a computer. Just lots of little things not working.

This announcement makes LG phones more enticing that's for sure.
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Too bad LG's presence in the United States is darn near close to none. All I ever see in your typical carrier store is Samsung and Apple. Oh, and did I mention Samsung and Apple? Oh yeah, I think I did but to make sure I'm going to say Samsung and Apple. As for every one else you might find them in the corner where pretty much everyone passes by on the way to the restroom.

So as far as these changes to LG... *yawn* It doesn't matter. Wake me up when Samsung agrees to do the same thing but I have a feeling that the Devil will be giving free sleigh rides before that happens. Meanwhile every Samsung phone ever made is a vulnerable piece of crap just waiting for someone to come along hack the crap out of it.


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Does anyone know if any updates are coming for the LG Stylo 3, like Oreo because am still on Nuget.
I appreciate any kind of information you guys can offer.


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My next phone will be my first iPhone just because no one seems interested in making an Android phone that can connect to my cochlear implants' processors the way an iPhone can.

If it wasn't for that I'd probably be getting another phone from Google just for the prompt software updates.

Aside from the connectivity with my implants I need a lot less out of my phone than younger people do:
1.) Texting, email and web browsing
2.) Big screen for my aging eyes
3.) Security
4.) Decent battery life
5.) Rear camera. Selfie cameras are not necessary for adults but it seems there is no avoiding them in any phone these days.


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WIll LG be committed to updating their low end phones also? I think not. They make no effort to do so now.
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