LG to launch its first 31-inch ultra-widescreen 4K monitor next month

Justin Kahn

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LG is set to launch its first 4K display in January, but like its 29-inch ultra-widescreen offering, the new 31-inch Ultra-HD display will come with a much wider panel than its competitors along with some pretty interesting Thunderbolt integration.

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Awesome to see technology moving along at this pace, but to rich for my blood. I'll have to wait for these screens to come down to slightly more common prices.


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Pricing aside, I'd rather invest in something like this rather than a multi monitor setup. It may or may not take off, who knows.


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How come there are 4k 40" tvs for $500 but 4k 30" monitors are $3,000?
I think it has to do with manufacturing complexities. The same thing happens to 1080p displays. You used to see computer monitors in 24 - 30 inch sizes were often more expensive than a 40" or larger 1080p TV. The smaller the screen, but with the same amount of pixels, means the pixels have to be smaller which I believe costs more to produce. At least that was my understanding.