LG unveils Optimus G Pro with 5.5-inch curved glass display

Shawn Knight

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LG has revealed a new smartphone that should be able to compete head-to-head against Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note II. The Optimus G Pro will ship with a 5.5-inch display – the same size as the Note II – but this...

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Are you sure it's not like 2.51D? How does it compute? :)

I like the red currant, but I had Note 2, and it gave me a toothache.


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It looks quite nice but there are so many devices out there with Samsung & Apple duking it out for top honors I wonder if it'll get noticed. I hope so.


Isn't the L of LG just two letters close to the I of Iphone on the alphabet?, if you add to that than they are releasing a phone, I see a very clear case there.


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LG phones are really good, looks good too... BUT they have a crap software support... im not suprise if this runs on gingerbread... Lol


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Oh.. my... goodness. Dat bezel. This thing looks gorgeous.

THIS is what the iPhone5 should have looked like.


Samsung were making bits for the Apple Pie phone and LG are making Samsungs products like the nexus 4. So they are all in bed with each other til one gets kicked out for farting... and then the gloves are off and they sue each other for making similar products, but all phones look alike. Oblong, screen, camera, thin bezel.
I don't get how they can sue each other when its standard practice for many companys to use the same production lines to cut costs, so they use the same bits of glass, I can't help but think they grabbed the glass of the note 2 and left it under a lamp for 2 minutes til it started to deform.
I jest. LG have slowly become one of those companys who make some rather decent screens and electronics so if they can improve their software like some are complaining about then its all good. Not that software is ever an issue on an Android phone, who doesnt flash their android rom?
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It will NOT be running Gingerbread. I bet you have an iPhone or some kind of Samsung phone.
an LG Fan? im still using LG-P970 since its release... and base on experience their software support is really crap regardless if it is a new model or an old one.

Again LG Phones looks good but I rather buy other phones.