LimeWire posts cease and desist for Pirate Edition


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LimeWire, the file sharing service that was shutdown by a federal judge last month, has published a new warning on its website. In the notice, LimeWire says it is taking steps to comply with the October 26 court order that stopped the company from distributing its software. The company also makes a cease and desist claim for software using the LimeWire, and though it doesn't mention it explicitly, we all know it is referring to the recently launched

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Oh yea becuase thats really going to stop people. just covers Limewire's ase as a company so they don't have further action taken against them. The Internet is free, software developers and artists should adapt to the changes.


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Uploading and Downloading Copyrighted material is illegal!?!?! I didn't know that! lolz


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I'm sure that limewire's pirated edition will stay on the internet no matter what they or others say.


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I doubt it will have much effect on the community that is already using LPE. But they have to cover themselves legally... already in enough trouble as it is right.


people still use the gnutella network?

well, besides people who are into child pornography and fake files i guess....


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LWPE is actually rather solid. It helps me get 'one off' tracks I've lost on CD and hear again on Pandora. Its quick and easy.. instead of buying a whole new album when I already paid for it years ago. (Lost all of my stuff when I moved out)


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The irony... Its overwhelming. I service gets shutdown because of copyrighted materials being posted on it, now when their own copyrighted material gets jacked... so ironic.

Anyway is understandable that they want this LPE shut down. Whatever LPE does could still have influence over their legal proceedings and such.

Of coarse there is always the possibility that the limewire creators were the anonymous guys who released LPE as well.


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Cease and Desist orders against anonymous users will get nowhere. How can you enforce something, in which you don't know who to go after once it doesn't stop?


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We all know that there will NEVER be a day in the future that doesn't include a software for pirating... It's never going to happen.


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Just let it die. It's like those that seem to think Napster has any value left to it. Just, give it up and let it go already.


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It really was the "thing" back in it's day limewire..but it aint it's day no more.

If i was behind this Pi-wire thing (see what i did there), i think i'de cease and desist just on the base that it's just too old now....most people just use torrents , or free mp3 music sites.


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i just goes to show that no lawsuit can put piracy down. we now have pirated programs for downloading pirated material. i dont really know why they even bothered to keep it alive considering that limewire is getting less and less users since most people rely on torrents nowadays. oh well, the software would die off eventually when something better comes along