Linksys wireless + ADSL?

By hsk122
May 21, 2008
  1. Hello,

    I have an "AirCard like" connection which uses mobile phone to get online. I bought a linksys wireless router which is also an ADSL modem. I started my internet connection and shared it and connected the router to my PC. However, the other computers which connect to it through the wireless router, can share files with it but not internet! I tried a DSL connection with the router and it could share the connection with everyone! But, I don't want to use DSL.

    Is there anyway that I can get this router to work without using its ADSL modem?

  2. hsk122

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  3. Lover

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    Hello hsk112...

    No you can't, coz the device designed only to be wirelessly connected to dsl.

    That's what I know...​
  4. jobeard

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    the setup would need to be like this
    your Primary system -- router-- your other systems​
    and then the moble would connect like
    ....cell tower --- your moble --- your Primary system​
    so the whole net would be
    ....cell tower --- your moble --- (a)your Primary system(b) -- router-- your other systems​
    Your Primary needs two connections, (b) is an ethernet rj45 to your router and
    (a) is whatever / however you connect the moble to your system.
    btw: Your system needs ICS enabled (Internet Connection Sharing)
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